Are you sure your information is safe? Every day, thousands of businesses have their data stolen by malicious hackers. They target records as wide-ranging as customer information, designs and intellectual property. They can lock you out of their systems, sell your information for a profit and destroy your reputation. Rest assured, there is a way to prevent this from happening to you.
With regularly scheduled Internet security audits, you can protect your assets and deter malicious attacks against your company. ExcelMedias finds your vulnerabilities before the hackers can and gives you the tools to keep your system one step ahead of potential threats. You receive peace of mind and your clients get the confidence that they are working with a safe and reliable partner.
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We will perform Internet security audit for you, using the same methods that hackers do to test for potential risks, and let you know the number of vulnerabilities we find in your security. In order to avoid any unnecessary interruptions, we can test your system overnight on a date that suits you – we are even available on weekends.
 We will also deliver a complete report of all your vulnerabilities and our recommendations to ensure that you are not left defense less.
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